Asian Hai. Behtar Hai.

We are one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of Plastic Insulated ware such as Casseroles, Tiffin Carriers, Water Jugs, Water Bottles, Ice Pails, Plastic Gifts & Novelties such as Trays, Fridge Bottles, Containers, Water Jugs, Lunch Boxes Desk Items, Plastic Houseware such as Buckets, Jug, Tiffin's, Basins, Stools, Shopping Basket, Food Containers, Mugs, Drums, Dustbins, Stationery such as Pen Stands, Ash Trays, Coasters and Musical Towers. We aim to distinguish our products with features such as Heat Lock Technology, Superior Grade Insulation, Leak Proof Technology, etc.

Our Extensive Range of Products

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