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We are one of the leading manufacturer & exporter of Plastic Insulated ware such as Hotpots-Casseroles, Tiffin Carriers, Water Jugs, Water Bottles, Ice Pails, Plastic Gifts & Novelties such as Trays, Fridge Bottles, Containers, Water Jugs, Lunch Boxes Desk Items, Plastic House ware such as Buckets, Jug, Tiffin’s, Basins, Stools, Shopping Basket, Food Containers, Mugs, Drums, Dustbins, Stationery such as Pen Stands, Ash Trays, Coasters, Musical Towers etc.


Quality Function Deployment (QFD) at Asian, which is a process of listening to what is "designed" during the initial planning of the...

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Lotus Casserole For the first time in India,
ASIAN introduces the
Dual Colour Casserole.

10 Delicious Recipes


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ASIAN receives the coveted citation from the Ministry of Commerce for export performance for the 19th consecutive year.
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